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No more waiting rooms and no more doctor's offices. Get healthcare delivered, wherever you are.

Talk to a Doctor

Virtual + Onsite Care

Video Visits

On-demand video visits with local providers

Onsite Nurse Visits

In-person care when and where you need it

How It Works

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Your Providers.

Relief Health partners with local providers and local urgent care clinics giving you convenient access to trusted providers you know.

See a provider from the urgent care down the street? Request a visit. Or choose the first one available and be seen right away. Either way, always get trusted, local care.

Treatment Plans.

After the initial video visit, after the onsite nurse visit, your local providers will send you a custom treatment plan right to your mobile device. Get immediate access to your medical chart and share with trusted individuals.

What we treat

Relief can treat almost anything an urgent care clinic can treat. With our network of trusted, mobile nurses, routine tests and diagnostics can be performed onsite so you never have to visit another doctor's office again.

Get your consultation, testing, diagnosis, and treatment plan without ever having to leave home.